Parsi Avaz


What is Mysticism?

It means the Divine knowledge, the subject matter of which is the spiritual

Science lying beyond the world of our experience. We, the normal non-saintly humans have a few mind tools to experience, that is, to become conscious of the world around us. The tools are: five senses connected with a brain of many wires and circuits; a thinking process we call logic, reasoning, common sense and its complicated branch called mathematics.

For thousands of years, the human beings believed in a Creator God and

the existence of the mystical, spiritual and unknowable forces in-what is called - NATURE. God's prophets declared that He is unknowable even unthinkable, and that His creation, the universe, is wrapped in a Mystery, the human can unveil only by walking on his prescribed paths called Religions.

But somewhere in the 17th Century, the Western Scientific thinking planted the seed of athiesm in the human psyche; the tree grew fast. By the end of the 19th century the Western thinking pervaded in almost all humanity. God and Mysticim were buried and on their grave a fine fortress of polished ignorance was built. Religions were made to go underground as superstitions.

As the 20th century started flowing, the egoistic confidence of modern

science began to melt. Old theories were replaced by new ones, which too were shaking. It is a fascinating story, spread over a century, of how an increase in scientific knowledge resulted in an increase in ignorance. After all, it was not at all easy to lift up the veil of secrecy covering the mother Nature. In short, science started knocking the door of Mysticism.

In the lure of "intellectual supremacy", the humans on this globe closed

their eyes to the glowing truth that all Religions were divine sciences going high above the bables of modern science. Every Religion has its own Mysticism. Judaism has Kaballah; Islam, Sufism; Hindu, various Yogas; Christian, Gnosticism and Rosecrucians.

The Parsi Zarthoshti religion has Ilm-e-Khshnoom.

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